HCMC STOCK: A Boosting Immunity Power

HCMC stock value raises after the announcement of establishing its vitamins and mineral supplements in the online store under the name of Thevitaminstore.com. people can purchase their requirement through this link and order their products from the store of Melbourne. It is also traded as otcmkts hcmc at https://www.webull.com/quote/otcmkts-hcmc in stocks. There is no change in the trademark of the company. To fulfil the needs of the people this online store is relaunched to supply quality products from main branches, before that it was not available in ADA natural market, Melbourne. As the profit gained the value of the stock increases. The boosting news was revealed by Jeff Holman, CEO of HCMC. After this, a drastic change occurs that most of the customer has changed into a stockholder after seeing the shares of HCMC in the hike. Now it has become a hot stock to the investors.

Stock value

Its Market Cap value is 588.044m. the present price of the HCMC stock is 0.00160 USD. It is a long term process and it’s the right time to invest in HCMC. It opens at 0.0018 and reaches the height of 0.0020 and comes to the position of 0.0019. its volume is 2061544966. Its average volume is 265423399. Its previous close is 0.0016. its Beta is 111.30. they have announced the net value of the 4th quarter on December 31, 2020, is 13.9 million $. Its gross profit reduced to 5.8 million$. The decrease is adjusted by EBITDA.

They have planned to increase the sales in the next year by the same team effort done in the present year. They had fixed a lot of commitments to tackle the loss and to gain profit. Their main motto is to raise the level of groceries day by day to meet out the high stock value and bring their company in a higher position in the stock market as well as in the food industry. Retail sales are also done to compensate for the loss carried in the sales. The founder and CEO have planned to do something different in producing new products in the grocery and to give more number workers employment to meet out the pandemic situation. In 2019 due to covid’19, these decrease in sales happened to level up that online store is opened to sell their products to the home of the customers. Online business is going well and many customers are added to their sales as well as for stock. So they are moving in progress to reach the destination of food paradise. The whole team is focusing on the single motto to carry forward the products in good condition and to maintain their standard. There are also many other stocks such as nyse sos which you can check at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-sos.


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