The Promotional Key Chain – A Simple, Yet Powerful Tool

Key chains are a simple, inexpensive, yet effective way to market your company. Keys are an essential part of most everyone’s lives. Giving people an accessory to add to their ring means that they focus on your advertising each time they reach for their set of keys. How many times a day does this happen? Think about your own daily patterns with respect to locking the front door, starting the car, checking the post office box, and unlocking your office. The list goes on.

There are so many types of key chains to choose from. When you decide to give this item away as a promotion, do the research to select the one that fits your advertising strategy best. Even such a small piece of memorabilia can be incorporated creatively into an original campaign. An array of colors and unique variations are available that compliment or correlate thematically with any business’ image. acrylic keychain

The continental key chain is a standard shape and a recognizable item that is easily customized with contact information and a business logo. Very different, the number one shaped key chain really stands out and proclaims to potential customers, “You’re always number one with our business.” The foot-shaped key chain would be ideal for physicians of podiatry, reflexologists, pedicurists, and massage therapists, but any company could use this product if they paired it with an effective message. For example, one independent tax preparation company used this specific item and imprinted the message, “Walk-ins Always Welcome.” There are countless other shapes to choose from. The house shaped key chain would fit any mortgage lending institution, insurance business, day care center, school system, home heath care company, or cleaning service. Another key chain shaped like a van would compliment various types of service companies that travel for out-calls, including heating and air conditioning businesses, plumbers, roofers- anyone of the construction world.

Some key chains serve as tools and do more than help individuals recognize their key sets. The floatation key ring made of foam polyurethane is a necessity for those who participate in water sports or who live lake or ocean-side. Click-It key chains are a handy promotion and a two-fold gift as well, as a flashlight is doubly included. Similarly, there are key chains that function as digital electronic tire pressure gauges. Your business doesn’t necessarily have to be an automotive repair shop or towing fleet to make this product work for your advertising.

Likewise, there are key chains that serve as cardholder sets. And, some have built in whistles, and others consist of actual miniature levels, complete with the fluid inside. The silver separator key chain is a bonus for individuals who like the benefit of removing a portion of their keys at their convenience. Dropping a car off at a garage, leaving it with a family member, or simply giving someone a key off one’s key ring is made easier. No more fumbling with the coil of the tightly wound metal. The carrier of this key chain can plan in advance which keys are removed more frequently and then store them on the detachable portion. Carabiners are an extremely trendy item today and are available in heart shapes, star shapes, the traditional shapes, and with shapes that have added compasses and flashlights. These are not just for hikers and campers anymore. People of all ages and interests collect carabiner key chains for their utility.

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